Learn the Craft of Upholstery

Chicago Upholstery School

Learn to upholster anything!

Beginners Upholstery Class

Our beginners class teaches the fundamentals of sewing and upholstery using a hands-on approach.  You will be sewing on the first day of class! Have no fear if this is your first time using a sewing machine.  For those who are more experienced, the complexity of the projects can be increased.  

  • All materials are included in the class fee.  There is an option to bring in a bar stool or similar item for project #2 
  • You will complete four projects total, each teaching fundamental principals common to all types of upholstery 
  • You will learn to thread and operate an industrial, walking-foot sewing machine beginning class #1
  • 5 students per class- each will have a dedicated sewing machine
  • Class is taught by Jeff, a veteran self-taught upholsterer
  • Wednesday evening (6pm-9pm; 3 hours) classes run for 6 weeks, while Saturday morning (9am-1pm; 4 hours) run for 5 weeks. 
  • If you have to miss a class, you will be able to make it up another day

The Projects (All customizable!)

  1.  Simple Bag- draw-string or tote style. 
  2.  Barstool cover (can bring barstool or similar simple furniture piece)
  3.  Flat panel stapling project with piping (least functional project, but teaches multuple necessary skills to further your craft)
  4.  Complex Bag- zippered, pockets, etc.   

Class Fee: $500

Intermediate Upholstery Class

After completion of the beginners class, students are eligible to continue on as intermediate level students.

  • Student provides their own project and materials (or purchases from the school at an additional cost)

  • Intermediate class time is $25 per hour.  The time your project takes to complete will depend on size and complexity.  Price includes use of the space, shop equipment (sewing machines, staple guns, etc.) and also includes assistance from instructor as needed, though students will work more independently than in the beginners course.